About WVT
WVT is an NGO for (social) welfare work with the aim to prevent social exclusion for various age groups and to stimulate and organize activities focusing on the welfare of the local community. WVT provides educational, recreational, cultural and sportive activities in addition to tutoring services and prevention activities for various age groups.

Examples of activities organized/facilitated by WVT are:

  • cooking lessons for children
  • courses drawing and painting for children
  • kidsdance, beatdance, streetdance for children
  • summer camps for children
  • kids disco
  • youth participation
  • European Voluntary Service
  • recreation tennis and training (two tennis-courts)
  • self defense (judo, jiu-jitsu, karate)
  • meals for the elderly
  • courses basic / Oriental / Indonesian cooking
  • language training (French, Spanish, English)
  • dance activities (jazz dance, zumba, biodanza)
  • creative workshops (sculpturing, painting etc.)
  • tablet courses (iOS and Android)
  • tai chi tuan, mindfulness, yoga
  • bridge-drives
  • condition dance, gymnastics and body balance
  • art exhibitions, book-fairs, plant fairs
  • Repair Cafe
  • language lessons for refugee kids
  • help-desk for items related to tax, law, (un)employment, education / upbringing, social and financial problems and notary
  • political debate sessions
  • mediation between residents, housing co-operations and municipality

WVT has approximately 4000 members and welcomes about 1500 visitors every week.

To enable all these activities, WVT works with approximately 250 local volunteers, 29 free-lance teachers, 1 caretaker and 2 assistants for maintenance and cleaning, 1 activity leader, 1 social worker / adviser and 1 managing director.

WVT is situated in the municipality of De Bilt. De Bilt offers a lot of recreational opportunities as it is located next to the forest. The nearest big city is Utrecht (20 minutes by bike or bus, 15 minutes by train) where you find lots of pubs, theaters, cinemas, musea, shops, clubs etc. From Utrecht you can travel to Amsterdam by train in under half an hour.